We have a board of Trustees whose combined skills offer a wealth of experience and knowledge gained from within either education or business, which supports the Trust’s vision, purpose and strategy. The Trust Board is responsible for the oversight and scrutiny of the work of the Trust and holding staff of the Trust to account.


The Board of Trustees has responsibilities under Charity Law as Trustees, and under Company Law as Directors, as well as the responsibilities of Governors of a school.


In order to carry out its responsibilities, the Board of Trustees delegates some tasks to the Finance Committee, the Audit Committee, the Standards Committee and the Local Governing Bodies to ensure adequate monitoring of the work of the Trust.


Trustees are the Strategic Board and members hold the Trustees to account.




Trustees of the FMAT are Directors for the purposes of Companies House (see below) and all of our trustees are recorded on Companies House.


Trustees/Members/Directors Definitions:

Academy Trusts are charitable companies and the trustees are company directors and must comply with company law requirements; in addition, as a Charity, the Trust must comply with the Charites SORP rules which dictate if a Governor is a member or trustee; depending upon their role.


Essentially what we have is the Trust being governed by two sets of legislation /regulations and the designation of the Governors in those positions are reflected accordingly under the relevant rules i.e. Trustees for the Charity rules and accounts and Directors for company filings and Companies House purposes.


Only changes in Trustees need to be notified to Companies House. Changes in Members will be recorded in the Strategic Board Minutes is sufficient for the requirements of the Company’s Articles of Association.



FMAT Trustees Information

Fulston Manor Academies Trust


Name and registerd office: Fulston Manor School, Brenchly Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 4EG


Company Number: 122487498575


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